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88 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1998

Spin 25 Oct 2021
Produced to mimic the poison violet sheen of Carter-era FM hits by Kenny Loggins and the Eagles by Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson), “Malibu” is all predictable chord patterns played on sun-kissed acoustic guitars until Courtney Love does her damned best to fuck it up with her wobbly voice and her lyrics’ intimations of doom.

The 101 Best Songs of 2016 pt. 2

Spin 25 Oct 2021
It’s a gradual ascent, like a day’s climb out of a hangover fog—a “Let the Beat Build” for guitars. The lyrics are an epiphany that you realize along with Olsen ... It’s a five-minute complication of the most anodyne of lyrics ... the pitch-warped vocals, the drums that vanish midway and reappear later, the tender acoustic guitar drifting in.

The War On Drugs: I Don’t Live Here Anymore – A turning point

The Irish Times 22 Oct 2021
A simply strummed acoustic guitar on Living Proof conjures the coffee house folk of Granduciel’s heroes as he laments the changing face of his city – “I went down to my corner, they’ve been building up my block” – the lure of a mournful, glittering guitar solo eventually winning out, the band never too far out of reach.

Lessons From the School of Classic Rock

Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2021
In fact, the instrument I least enjoy hearing at Catholic Mass, the acoustic guitar, I most enjoy hearing outside it, ...

Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres’ is catchy, sometimes long-winded synth-pop feat

The Daily Californian 19 Oct 2021
With a compelling acoustic guitar track reminiscent to that of an early 2000s boy band and lyrics such as, “I hope that you get everything you want in this beautiful life/ Watermelon moon, so happy you’re alive,” it’s hard to not at least crack a smile throughout the especially joyful song.

NME Radio Roundup 18 October 2021: Mitski, PinkPantheress, Joy Crookes and more

NME 18 Oct 2021
All slow synths, textural guitar and drum machine, ‘Working For The Knife’ foregrounds Mitski Miyawaki’s carefully calibrated voice and her lamentations about a colourless life under capitalism, soaring horns singing out in between ... Bolstered by soft drums and warm acoustic guitars, its bittersweet melodies reflect the thought-provoking lyricism.

Justin Sullivan - The Lexington

Music News 13 Oct 2021
Seeing Sullivan perform acoustically serves to reinforce just how powerful one man's lyrics and a guitar can be ... Acoustic renditions of Over The Wire from the album Strange Brotherhood, and Eyes Get Used to the Darkness from the more recent album Winter allowed the lyric to take centre stage, again showcasing Sullivan’s lyrical prowess.

Bobby Gillespie: ‘For the first 10 years of my life, I lived in a Glasgow tenement: that stuff stays with you’

The Observer 10 Oct 2021
As Gillespie’s final line in the book has it. “Some say this is where the 1990s began.” ... My question is ... You think ... Give Out But Don’t Give Up, that was the Throb album, wasn’t it? Total guitar, Stones-y kind of thing – he was in his element ... I wrote lyrics on acoustic guitar, then worked through ideas with Jehnny Beth and her boyfriend, Johnny Hostile.

Video premiere: “Canadian Goose” by Sophia Corinne

Mountain Xpress 10 Sep 2021
As Sophia Corinne, she pays homage to her great-grandmother’s first name, which just so happens to be Darby’s middle name as well ... The imagery-rich lyrics are conveyed through Darby’s pleasantly soulful, folk-friendly vocals over finger-picked acoustic guitar — plenty of ingredients for a memorable tune ... 25. “I’m really looking forward to the show ... .

Manic Street Preachers – ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’ review: an elegiac return to form

NME 09 Sep 2021
“I don’t know what it is that I believe in, but involves misery and keeping still” sings Bradfield over an entrancing weave of piano and acoustic guitar on ‘Into The Waves Of Love’. The record has its flaws – the odd misguided lyric, the occasional slip into by-numbers pop melodies – but there’s plenty of space for those mistakes to be made.

Caravan: Who Do You Think We Are?

All About Jazz 05 Sep 2021
Also beginning with finger-picked acoustic guitar, the lyrics for the side-ending title track are amongst the album's most curious. ... little doubt that Hastings' acoustic guitar melds particularly well with his brother's flute work, always lyrical but in a most personal fashion.

Calicoco's Not Afraid To Show What's Underneath

MTV 02 Sep 2021
Those initial tracks, along with additional guitar and vocal recordings laid down in their bedroom, helped when they ventured back to Rochester to complete most of the album in January 2020 with producer and recording engineer Stephen Roessner ... It sounds so much more intense than acoustic guitar.

Bop Shop: Songs By Kim Petras, Kacey Musgraves, Jay B, And More

MTV 27 Aug 2021
He knows when to dial up the acoustic guitar and when to give in to the echoes, as he lyrically examines changes in life, the voices through which we speak to ourselves, and the ever-present opportunity we have to make our lives better ... Over a dreamy pop guitar loop and with ...

Dropkick Murphys bring new songs and an old-school feel to Worcester Palladium

Metrowest Daily News 23 Aug 2021
Following an un-announced acoustic set by Dorchester native Jesse Ahern, which brought an impressive (but not surprising) amount of tenacity and soul for a set executed solely by an acoustic guitar, a harmonica and Ahern’s poetically hard-cutting lyrics, L.A.-based quintet The Bronx wasted no time cranking things up to 11.

Andrew Montana shares positivity behind unique breakup single ‘Deep Down’

The Daily Californian 19 Aug 2021
The fullness of Montana’s voice is layered over a bright acoustic guitar, laying down a cozy bed for mournful lyrics to rest upon ... From opening pockets of breathing room at the end of each chorus to capturing emotional transitions through lyrics such as “The skin upon my wrist has ...